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Dementia Care

Dementia Care

Seniors with dementia find comfort in the familiar surroundings of home. This comfort often helps them adapt to changes as they progress through the stages of the disease, maintain a more positive outlook, and enjoy a higher quality of life. This is why many families support ageing in place after a dementia diagnosis. Many seniors are successful in achieving this goal when professional support is in place. At Home Care Assistance our memory care professionals assist clients throughout every stage of dementia. With compassionate support, our dementia caregivers treat clients with dignity and respect and empower them to continue enjoying the highest level of independence regardless of their needs.


Our Caregivers Can Help

Our caregivers have extensive experience supporting seniors who are living with dementia. They provide a wide variety of non-medical assistance, including:

  • Create a safe, comfortable home environment that allows your loved one to remain in a familiar setting and avoid agitation
  • Reduce the risks of falls and other injuries through dedicated supervision. Our caregivers can be available 24/7 to ensure safety even in the event of wandering, sundowning or other events
  • Provide the necessary social interactions to keep our clients’ minds sharp. Home Care Assistance is also the exclusive provider of the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, a ground-breaking activity regimen that can enhance mental acuity as well as delay onset and slow the progression of symptoms of cognitive decline.
  • Enhance our clients’ mood and combat depression through companionship
  • Help maintain the household, provide healthy meals and maintain a sanitary environment
  • Build a long-term relationship with your loved one, so you won’t need to manage an unfamiliar new face every week
  • Provide regular status reporting and feedback on the client’s mood, physical and mental health and daily activities
  • Contribute to an improved overall quality of life for the client and loved ones

Revolutionary Dementia Care Programs at No Additional Cost

The most effective memory care programs do more than simply meet day-to-day needs. They enhance quality of life and empower seniors to maintain independence for a longer period. Home Care Assistance equips our dementia caregivers to deliver holistic care with ongoing training through Home Care Assistance University. Caregivers are certified in programs such as our Cognitive Therapeutics Method, which promotes mental acuity and can even slow the progression of dementia. These programs are implemented into our dementia care plans at no additional cost as part of our effort to provide better care and change the way the world ages.

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Flexible Care to Meet the Changing Needs of Seniors with Dementia

Throughout the stages of dementia, a senior’s care needs are constantly changing. Some seniors experience these changes gradually, and others move from one stage to the next quickly and sometimes even unexpectedly. This can leave a family feeling lost. With the help of Home Care Assistance, the right level of dementia care is always available to meet your loved one’s needs. Our flexible scheduling is available on an hourly basis, overnight, or even around the clock. As care needs increase, schedules can be easily modified, and our Care Managers remain on call to assist clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should an emergency arise.

If you are searching for memory care that enhances your loved one’s life by helping him or her feel valued and independent, Home Care Assistance offers effective solutions.


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