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Live-In Care

What Is Live In Care?

The main point of difference between Home Care and Live-in Care is that Live-in Care is a 24/7 service. As seniors reach an advanced age, we know that frailty, chronic illness or mobility challenges can make living alone too difficult. Yet, research shows that nine out of ten seniors say that they wish to remain at home.

Live-in Care allows you or your loved one to remain in the comfort of your own home and maintain as much independence as possible, while ensuring the highest level of safety with around the clock one-to-one care.

A caregiver is always watching over you or your loved one, offering emotional support, reducing fall risk and assisting in all activities of daily living.

While in the home, our live-in carers can assist with many activities, including:

How Does It Work?

We bring one-on-one quality care to you or your loved one in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Two of our experienced personal caregivers share the week, collectively staying in your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide whatever assistance you need to ensure your comfort and safety. One caregiver will work 4 days of the week and the second 3 days a week. Caregivers return to their own homes at the end of their 4 or 3 day shift each week.

There are many indications live-in care might be appropriate for you or a loved one, including:

  • Increasing care needs
  • Constant or increased confusion
  • Progression through the stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • Hospital discharge
  • Feeling isolated and wanting constant companionship
  • Long-distance family carers feeling less confident leaving their loved ones alone

Why Choose Live-in Care

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, cost-effective alternative to moving away from home, Live-in care is the choice for you.

The emotional strain associated with moving away from the familiarity and comfort of home often leads to physical decline, further loss of independence and diminished quality-of-life.  Around-the-clock care allows you or your loved one to remain in your home, while ensuring safety and promoting optimal well-being.

In addition, caregivers offer a much more personalized plan of care with one-to-one support tailored to your status, conditions, preferences, hobbies and lifestyle.

Why Home Care Assistance

Complete Flexibility

Home Care Assistance is totally flexible and happy to provide care whenever and wherever needed. We understand life is often unpredictable and we are happy to be there for you or your loved one, even if only for an hour or 24 hours. We have an amazing team who can be with you within the hour. Give us a call and see for yourself today!

Experience, Empathy & Safety

Our experienced caregivers provide clients with safety, companionship, and emotional support. They are devoted to the total health and happiness of their clients.

Peace of Mind for the Family

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that a reliable, qualified caregiver is caring for your loved one. Our care team works with family members to provide complete transparency and is on call around-the-clock should anything arise.

Expert Matching

Home Care Assistance offers a roster of hundreds of caregivers with the right experience and skills to fit your family’s needs. However, personality matching is just as important! We strive to find the right personality fit for our clients and will select another caregiver for any reason – no questions asked!

Care Away from Home

Our caregivers can also provide companionship and monitoring for safety during hospital stays. We can even accompany our clients on vacations, enabling them to travel safely and independently.

No Contract

There is no long-term commitment with Home Care Assistance. Use our services for only as long as you need them and are 100 percent satisfied.


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