Relieved and Re-energised Carer Brisbane

As one who is described as a “young carer” for my live in, disabled, parent, I was delighted to learn we were approved for level four government funding to assist with in-home care. I did not think it would be such a gruelling task sourcing a professional aged care provider who would both “think outside the square” regarding incorporating specific needs for a young carer (such as understanding the benefit of supplying long respite breaks with a perfectly matched, well trained caregiver), whilst delivering sound advice and recommendations for other services. Of course discussing ‘dollar value’ distribution of budget is important too, but a care package must be wrapped and tied with genuine passion rather than a generic approach. My parent is a much loved “Person” not a reference number that reads level four and functions between 9am and 5pm, so I was displeased when calls to providers almost always
began with a request for said reference number. Many offered a ‘feel good’ morning tea group meeting to learn more about their services – others offered a one on one appointment at their premises. A few just wanted to talk numbers before elaborating further. All providers sounded a little too excited for my taste but I kept reminding myself
each conversation was, after all, a business call, and as we were approved for funds, we did wish to sign and receive assistance asap.

Then I found Home Care Assistance Brisbane South. During initial conversations with Ifra she did not ask for our approved level of care, rather she listened. She asked about my energy levels and special needs coping as a younger carer. She asked about my loved one’s personality, hobbies and favourite things to do. She also confirmed it was important to continue phoning other providers to compare services carefully, thus making sure the fit was right.
A provider neither in a hurry to recruit nor afraid of competition? TICK! My background in human psychology, health and healing embraced this fresh approach. Ifra offered one on one home visits where all fears and requests could be addressed at leisure and with ease. Her emotional support is unequalled but I must add the fees and charges for the services we require cannot be beaten by other providers either. And after signing with Home Care Brisbane South, the personal care and attention has not dwindled. In fact, Ifra is always checking in via texts, emails and lengthy phone chats – so much so I just had to ask the cheeky question on behalf of other carers (We do like to help each other after all).

“How can your employer afford to extend so much attention to the client, both in managed week to week requirements and personalised care… and still make a profit?” “Oh, I am the owner” was her humble reply.